our girls

The importance of an excellent female is underestimated by many. Buyers and breeders mistakenly believe that any dam can be bred to a proven stud to produce excellent pups. This is not true. A dam makes up more than half of a puppy’s genetics, and so, it is equally important to choose a proven female with proven bloodlines. We have put a lot of time, money, and effort into bringing in and producing females that can compete with their male counterparts. We strive for heavy bone, natural muscle, good substance, and a great signature Rottweiler head—yes, females can bring this to the table, too! We also look for an all-around standard and looks as well as an even temperament. When breeding to better the breed, choosing the right female to pair with a male makes a difference. All of it matters to us.


Kino is off our sweet Briar x Thor is plain awesomness of pure rottweiler. She is a big girl 115 lbs of love and fun personality. OFA certified and show titled. .


Wake is off Ella x Booya and has all her daddy's features in a female version. She is a big girl coming in at 108 lbs of love with OFA certifications and show titles as well. Girls definately dont have to look girly.


Ikon we bought to bring in some new and exciting import lines. She is OFA certified and Show titled.


Tacoma is home grown and off our Quba x Thor and is also a half sister to our Booya (same mom) so a little bit of all of our best in this gorgeous girl. OFA certified and show titled too.



Pics coming soon! Vendetta is off our Awesome girl Fika x Booya. This girl is AWESOME!!


Yaya comes off our imported girl Zizi x Rik Darel with some of the best lines out there to date this girl is producing awesome babies and she is just gorgeous herself.


Zagi short and wide and built like a freight train. She is exactly what we look for in structure and temperment in our girl. Smart, confident, and beautiful the total package.