Productions & TESTIMONIALS


We wouldnt be here with out each and everyone of you and for that we say thank you and welcome to the Windego Family!!

We love to hear about the adventures our puppies experience after they go home with our families. Please know that even though we may not post all, we do read, love, and enjoy every letter, Christmas card, phone call, and e-mail we receive. Thank you for taking the time to make us smile. Our families mean so much to us and our Rottweilers. Without all of you, there would be no Windego Rottweilers to speak so highly of.




I have bought 4 dogs from Windego. A good reason for this, they breed top Rottweilers. Body, size, calm, Intelligence. All 4 dogs have had all 4 of these important attributes. They dont breed to breed, they breed to improve this breed. The stud dogs and females are only used after a lot of thought and reason. All 4 of mine were easy to train, they are all protective without being aggressive. They watch and only act if needed. They are very loving. Always wanting to be with you and be part of your pack. My males have watched over my daughter and you can always find them with her when she is sleeping. If you are serious and ready to have a loving dog. This is your last stop.

Adam Cooney


Hi Alyssa,

This is me, Dante! I’m very happy in my new home and mom says I’m growing up to be such a handsome and sweet guy! I’ve been very busy, going to school and learning how to be a good boy. I met the cutest husky named Sasha in my last class, and we became best friends, but man does she have a lot to say. I had to get separated from her during class because she got me into trouble a couple of times mostly because she talks so much that it distracted me from paying attention. I mean isn’t it rude not to pay attention if someone is talking to you? Do you know why girls talk so much?

Anyway, mom took my picture at my graduation class and she thought that you might like to see how well I’m growing up. This is me at 6 months – tell my dad Fritz and my mom Noble that I’m going great and maybe they can work on making me a baby brother or sister!


Dante Noble Poet of Windego
Anita Ripepi

Hello Alyssa:

First of all, congrats on Baby Owen!! He is a handsome boy!

I have great news about Britta. She received her AKC Canine Good Citizen award on Friday :) ! I located an evaluator on AKC's website and she just happened to be a Rottie owner as well. She adored Britta and gave me a private lesson to prepare for the test.

Britta and I go to obedience training at Bloomington Obedience Training Club almost every week. She is so-o-o smart and does everything so well. We are doing Novice classes right now. She is so fun to work with and wants to please. She is the best Rottie I've owned. Not only is she smart, she is so beautiful, and she has a great temperament. I took her to horse shows with me all summer. She loves to ride in the truck with me and hang out at the horse stalls. Everyone who sees her comments on how gorgeous she is. I have people ask me all the time where I got her, so hopefully I'm sending future Rottie owners to you!

Take care! I will send a picture of her soon.

Kathy Koehler


Hi Alyssa,

All is well with Saber. I think you knew him as “the green male”. It was a sad scene as we drove east away from Brownton and he stood up to the back window of our truck yelping while looking at the road behind us. However, I attached a picture to show you that he has bonded strongly with our wiener dog who looks like a mini, stretched out version of him. We had a vet out for his 16 week check and everything looked great. We wanted to thank you for whatever potty training you did with him because when we got him he really knew where he was supposed to go. I could count the accidents he has had in the house on one hand. We have a trainer coming out to work with him (and us) weekly. He is a very intelligent puppy and we are very glad we made the trip out to get him.

Thank you,

Erik Helberg

Hey Alyssa! Hope all is going well with your family, especially the baby! Well, our baby Sigmund(Sig) is doing very well! He is very smart, and right now, very defiant! He has tolerated our 3yr olds “manhandling” very well, and is very tolerant! We have had him on the food and vitamins from Life’s Abundance from day one.

Thanks! Nikki and Mike Halda