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Here at Windego Rottweilers we STRIVE to stay one of the TOP QUALITY Breeding Kennels in Minnesota, the Upper Midwest, and throughout the Country. We take great Honor and Pride in every Phenominal Rottweiler we have in our family and that we produce. We have worked many years to get this far and will continue to improve our dogs in pursuit of EXCELLENCE. The dogs and puppies we produce here are of the BEST pedigrees and looks in the WORLD!!!! As you can see from our hundreds of photos of our dogs and information on our site our pups are SUPERIOR QUALITY and we back that with our Customer Satisfaction and Our Customer Service which is Second to None. Our Dogs speak for themselves and so does our PROVEN SUPERIOR QUALITY!! .

Please take the time to check out all of our pages of helpful information and also to learn more about us and our wonderful dogs. We look foward to hearing from you soon. Have a wonderful day!

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Nutrition & information


We love our dogs. And people who love and care for their dogs will naturally want to feed what is best. We believe the extra money we spend is a long-term investment in our dog’s health. Why would we buy a cheaper dog food, and think we are saving a few bucks, when we know there is honestly a better food available? Choosing the right food requires little effort. Isn’t it the least we could do for the pet we love and care about?

Think about it this way. You’re driving down Main Street and your car needs gas. You see a gas station offering unleaded for $.50 a gallon, so you stop and refuel. (At that price, who wouldn’t, right?) But then, when you get to the pump, you read the label on the handle that says, “WARNING. This gas may ruin your engine.” What would you do then? Most likely, since you care about your investment, you would get back in your car and find the next station, the one with the quality fuel.

Many people see a cute commercial or flashy bag and ignore labels. Or if they read the labels, they aren’t sure what ingredients their dog should/should not have and feed the cheaper, more commercialized food when, for as little as a $1.50 a day (for a 100# dog), they could keep their pets healthy and improve their pet’s health and longevity.

Many pet foods are filled with over processed cheap fillers, chemicals, and other low quality ingredients from the USA and overseas. We encourage you to do your own research and find out for yourself some of the repercussions of buying a less quality dog food.

About us!

We have been raising dogs for over 18 years, we pride ourselves in producing the best Rottweiler possible for both family companions and as a working dog. We are very passionate about our Rotties and what we do and it shows in what we produce. All of our rottweilers are hand raised from the time they are born until the time that they go to your home. We feel that this ensures them to be the best well rounded companion. Our kennel resides near a small town called Waterville, here we have hobby farm for the dogs with fenced areas for the puppies and dogs to exercise in. All of the runs have plastic swimming pools for them to play in and stay cool, along with lots of trees to run around with wifi surveillance. This makes a perfect home environment for us to raise AKC & UKC registered and imported German & European Rottweilers and French & English Bulldogs our bulldog site is MNBulls.com. We compete with our dogs on a local and national level and have been very successful in winning numerous titles. Both of these breeds have a different purpose, but they have a special place in our hearts. I myself have been competing with these dogs since I was ten and I have loved every minute of it. I personally raise, train, and show all of our dogs. All of our dogs receive top of the line care, exercise, and nutrition. Now that my husband Jim, and my brother and sisters are starting to do the same has made our kennel a completely well rounded family oriented kennel. We hand select all of our breeding stock to ensure that we breed for the most well rounded specimen of the breed. We are currently bringing in all German/European bloodlines with all the certifications done on them and throughout their pedigree. Doing this will help us bring in their Wonderful Temperaments, Tremendous Beauty, and World Class Pedigree. Our dogs are not just show or breeding dogs they are our family companions and all are housebroken, obedience trained, OFA Certified GOOD or EXCELLENT/OVC Certified PASSING/HD ED Frei(Excellent), CERF's Current & Clear, Heart/Cardio Clear. We take our dogs to many different community functions from Game Fair to the County Fair to the local schools all to keep them socialized and continue to promote that Rottweilers are not mean nor are they bad dogs but they are excellent family pets and companions. We want to produce the Ultimate Rottweiler for working, show, and pets who are well rounded in all aspects. We breed for Conformation, Intelligence, Working Ability, and Temperament. Everything we do is striving for the Ultimate "True Rottweiler."Our Quality, Care, and Customer Service are Second to None.

Alibi Bulldogs & Dachshunds


Check out our wonderful Quality Bulldogs & mini dachshunds, like our rottweilers we strive to breed only the best and in doing health testing, showing, and raised in our home with family we are enamored with this wonderful breed. We raise standard and rare color French and English Bulldogs. To ensure quality lines, structure, and that wonderful fun personality everyone loves swing over to our site for our French & English Bulldogs!!! www.MNBulls.com and our facebook page ALIBI BULLDOGS


Financing is available and is on a case by case basis Credit cards are accepted!!